A Network of Parallel Principles

Community is more than just a buzzword used to give shape to countless sub-genres of society. It’s about working together to create something bigger than ourselves. Something that becomes tangibly rewarding for several members of the world around us. It’s anything but selfish. Within the sub-genres mentioned earlier, the initial goal of gathering may not be selfless, but when groups of people come together with a common interest, change begins to affect society as a whole. Volunteering to raise money for groups who offer support services to marginalized groups within our greater communities, participating in the creation of art and music to add substance and beauty to the world, or simply supporting local businesses with honourable morals. There are many ways to participate in generating a sense of healthy community.


The natural expansion of different branches of community lends itself to the greater benefit of a thriving society. Whether the community is based within a social media platform, professional organization or a fitness community, the goal is always to connect with each other. Expressing shared values and interests validates the human condition, even if the validation comes through something extremely simple, like taking care of one’s health. It’s not news that having a work out buddy makes it easier to commit to a fitness routine. Those that lift together, stay together.


As we validate our own triumphs and challenges by connecting with others, we actually set ourselves up for success in the long term. Studies have shown those with active social lives and support systems in place generally live longer than those without. The natural instinct to connect with others is a built in mechanism to support our mental, physical and emotional health!


While the concept of community seems to be ever evolving to include more and more sub-genres, some health related and some not, there are always constants when it comes to the growth and establishment of whatever commonality is shared among us. Reaching out to others, whether at a networking event, on Twitter or connecting with a volunteer organization is the key to that growth. To establish community we need to be willing to put ourselves out there in an honest way so others may feel inspired to do the same.


A thriving society is one where we all benefit from the creation of opportunities. This happens when we allow ourselves as individuals to be innovative. Communities thrive on the innovation of individuals who dare to connect and share their discoveries with those around them. What can we teach each other? How can we lift each other up to create bigger and better things to impact the planet in a positive way? Once we begin to ask ourselves these kind of questions, opportunities present themselves so we can make the decision to be vulnerable for each other. To empower each other, our local networks and beyond. When we start to liberate ourselves for the very human sake of connection and sanity, we ultimately contribute to the global community. We all rise.