The Event Organizing Corporation of Canada (EOCC) is a professional events company located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our primary focus is on hosting tasteful, high-end business mixers.

Our events are designed to act as a venue for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to come together and benefit from the knowledge gained by connecting with like-minded individuals. This in turn creates the most compelling environment for business to business to opportunities.

We specialize in fostering long-term partnerships rather than the selling of products and services. This helps to build social capital among the members of our local community on a continuing basis. We encourage our attendees to leverage these relationships to enhance the value of our events and your business.

EOCC’s other services include corporate gatherings, special events, and community events. Whether it’s planning to empower others and create impact, a marvelous social event, or classy corporate meeting, we pride ourselves on perfect coordination and unique, chic event design.


The Event Organizing Corporation of Canada (EOCC) provides professionals and entrepreneurs with opportunities to expand their business and social networks. This is achieved through events where authentic relationships are developed organically with real people. We aim to bridge the gap between prosperous business owners and pioneering entrepreneurs in the city of Edmonton and beyond.


The Event Organizing Corporation of Canada (EOCC) aims to be the premier luxury brand in western Canada, curating exciting business mixers, corporate retreats, and other special events that cater to the high expectations of business professionals and entrepreneurs.