Igniting Customer Interaction, a Reflection

The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with creative energy on May 5, 2017 as we held our Igniting Customer Interaction event. It brought together over 250 members of Edmonton’s business community and gave them the opportunity to connect and converse with each other to share and exchange ideas.

This event took place at one of Edmonton’s greatest venues, the Art Gallery of Alberta. Between glasses of champagne and hors d’oeuvres guests mixed and mingled, exchanging thoughts and ideas. This event was the perfect destination to pick the brains of and engage with Edmonton’s business community. Those who purchased VIP tickets had access to the second and third floor where we treated them to Prosecco, an Orange Crush cocktail (made with gin, Pimm’s liqueur and orange juice) and more networking with like-minded individuals. As the night progressed, guests watched and cheered on the Oilers game, which was projected on a large screen for all to see. Orange Crush pride was shown as a chant of, “Let’s Go Oilers,” echoed through the venue.

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The event managed to keep a classy and sophisticated tone and was the place to be for Edmonton’s business community on a Friday night. Overall, the night was a success thanks to our wonderful guests. We wanted to send out a huge thank you to those who came out to network and hear what our wonderful, knowledgeable panel of speakers had to say.

Panel Speakers

We wanted to thank our panel speakers, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to call our event Igniting Customer Interaction. They shed light on topics that most do not think about when customer interaction comes to mind and answered a variety of questions that were brought up by our guests. Here is some more information on our speakers that enlightened our guests on Friday night.

EOCC Events

Vitaliy Milentyev has served as a President and a Portfolio Manager at Global Wealth Builders since 2008. At Global Wealth, Vitaliy oversees portfolio management and financial planning services for high-net-worth and institutional clients. Throughout his career, he had acquired a wealth of knowledge and investment experience on both buy and sell-side.

Mike Mack is the Founder and President of X5 Management, a company that helps businesses improve sales, service, and team engagement. Mike’s passion is to make companies and their people better by “turning soft skills into hard assets.”

Bruce Kirkland is a principal at Lexus of Edmonton, an award-winning dealership famous for its client-centric and VIP customer service. Bruce Kirkland started this venture with a vision of establishing an exclusive Lexus dealership, and he has indeed succeeded in accomplishing this goal. Today, Lexus is the number one luxury car brand in Edmonton, a testament to the dealership’s absolute success.

Tema Frank is a customer experience and digital marketing pioneer who partners with business leaders to help them sharpen their growth strategies. An internationally renowned speaker, author, educator and interviewer, she hosts the Frank Reactions Podcast on Customer Experience. Her second best-selling book, PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule was a finalist for the 2016 Best Book Awards. Her first book, Canada’s Best Employers for Women: A guide for job hunters, employees & employers, is now being updated.


We are extremely grateful to all of our event sponsors for their commitment to helping us unite Edmonton’s business community. Without the support from these businesses, our networking events wouldn’t be possible. We are appreciative toward these businesses for believing in the power of networking and uniting Edmonton’s business community as much as we do.

EOCC Events Sponsors

Title Sponsors

  • Lexus of Edmonton
  • Imagine Health
  • ZINC

Gold Sponsors

  • Yorkton Group International Ltd.
  • Katherine Deypalubos of RBC Wealth Management
  • Heritage Valley Capital
  • EOCC Inc.
  • Rayacom
  • The Mortgage Experts of CIBC Mortgages
  • Law Contractor
  • FEMME Medical Concierge

Silver Sponsors

  • Hudsons Bay
  • Vida Floral Studio
  • Gem Gallerie
  • Jin Media
  • Lux Steakhouse + Bar94
  • Divine Spine
  • Goat Locker
  • Lams and Associates
  • Amedeo
  • X5 Management
  • Global Wealth Builders Ltd.
  • Hudson’s on 109
  • Gia
  • Frank Reactions
  • BLVD
  • Aromatech
  • 9 Round


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