Our Valued Partner: Katherine Deypalubos of RBC Dominion Securities

Businesses that partner with EOCC are members of our team; they come together to co-host the events that we are so passionate about, and they believe in our vision to connect and inspire the Edmonton business community. This month’s Featured Sponsor has been with EOCC since the beginning. We are excited to present Katherine Deypalubos, our valued partner.



Three Words for Katherine

“Sociable, strategic, and resourceful,” she said, with confidence, when asked what three words describe her best. Katherine Deypalubos of RBC Wealth Management is a chartered investment manager, past volunteer youth leader, not-so-secret wine aficionado, and a dedicated partner of EOCC. Having moved from Montreal to Edmonton four years ago, Katherine has experienced the recent growth of YEG. For her, being a part of its transformation and being able to easily connect with professionals from diverse industries, is the best part of living and working here.


“What I love most about it is that I can connect people together. I can speak with the movers and shakers of the town and I can strategize and help with their financial well-being.”

As an Investment Advisor, Katherine devotes time to understand her client’s situation, whether that be crafting or assessing a retirement plan, or calculating the potential tax implications on a particular estate. Having the advanced tools to project those numbers, and understanding the big picture communicated by the client, allows her to then strategize, plan, and implement different courses of action to preserve wealth. It’s because of this that, in her opinion, the number one quality an advisor should possess, is curiosity.


“You have got to be curious first and foremost and have that desire to dig. You have to be able to ask the right questions in hopes to get an honest answer to be able to see the complete picture. Only then can I implement wisdom and knowledge to craft the best strategy and solution for my clients.”

Building trusting relationships is therefore a katherine-1significant aspect of her job. When sitting down with a new client, she explores their expectations, evaluates whether she can reasonably fulfil them, and then works on developing a relationship that will have the basis of mutual understanding. When asked who her favorite clients were, she said,

“For me, it’s all about the attitude. I know it’s a little bit deep, but my favorite clients are ones who have a great outlook on life, and they feel that I can add value to their current situation. They appreciate my expertise and they feel that they need it. And so I deliver.”

Katherine greatly values transparency, honesty, and delivering good service. Part of that good service is staying informed. In order to do so, she spends a couple of hours per day reading, and also attends conferences because of that curious mindset. She likes to interact with portfolio managers face to face and “pick their brain” about where the global opportunities lie from their perspective and where they think the economy is heading.

It’s all about Relationships.

Katherine exemplifies her self-designated descriptors: social, strategic, and resourceful. From an overhead perspective, we see that she strongly values her relationships and is strategic about the ones she is a part of. Both her decision to work for RBC, and her partnership with EOCC are well justified.

With RBC

“I wanted to work for the best of the best, so I did my research. When it comes to assets under management they had the largest. What did that tell me? That told me that a lot of Canadians have trusted this particular firm to manage their money for them. Continued trust is a big factor in the business.”


“It’s a friendship. There’s a different type of affinity that you develop for the other sponsors as you get to know them more and find out how everyone wants a stable, humble and consistent growth knowing the hard work that it takes to achieve that. We’re almost like a team of different businesses facing the world.”

For more info on Katherine check out her website, connect with her on Linkedin, or look for her booth and strike up conversation at our next event; ice-breaking hints can be discovered in the short Q/A below.