The Importance of Networking in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has grown immensely over the last few years, resulting in a surge of freshly minted companies as many new professionals enter the business community. Today, we live in one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, and a massive downtown core development makes doing business in Edmonton even more attractive. However, the question is now, how do we continue to grow our city and businesses to reach our maximum potential?

The answer is through networking. Businesses in Edmonton, and more specifically, local businesses in Edmonton, can significantly benefit from connecting with each other. Networking results in a goldmine of opportunities because exchanging ideas with other like-minded individuals and forging new relationships can open many doors.

The Benefits of Networking

Although networking does not always come naturally to everyone, even talking to a handful of people at an event, exchanging business cards, or adding someone you’ve met on LinkedIn can transform your career and empower your professional development. Just imagine, meeting one person can lead to connecting with their network and vice versa, and suddenly you have twice the amount of professionals that can help you achieve your goals.

For local businesses, networking also helps build a customer base by spreading the word of your business. Sure, online advertising is essential, but sometimes giving off a good impression by meeting face to face can do wonders.

For young entrepreneurs and business people in our city, networking allows them to pick the brains of seasoned professionals so that they can learn and grow in their careers. That is why meeting people and sharing ideas is so important for forming inspiring and authentic connections.

Still, it is important to remember to foster connections that you have created while networking by adding professionals on LinkedIn and keeping up with their careers. Without this follow-up, you are just a fellow professional that someone met at an event and not a memorable connection.

Networking is crucial to expanding our city to become the best that it can because when professionals connect, great things happen. It is up to the business community of Edmonton to actively try to get out and network with each other, or these connections will not be made.

Why We Believe in Connecting YEG Business Community

At EOCC Inc. we believe in fostering long-term partnerships because they help build social capital among the members of our local community on a continuing basis. We host events for like-minded professionals to meet, exchange ideas and form these relationships. By becoming a member of the EOCC, we give you access to exclusive VIP events to network and expand your circles in Edmonton. Our premium membership program is designed to help you achieve your business goals, as well as to inspire and be inspired.

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